About Us

Shortly after my husband (Matt) and father of our three beautiful daughters (Malarie 11, Keslie 6 and Lainie 1) died unexpectedly on May 13, 2014         I found myself walking around in a fog. Basically living moment to moment and even that was a struggle. People would ask the inevitable “How are you?” and I would reply in some polite fashion or completely breakdown as soon as I tried to open my mouth.

In the weeks following his passing I was at the store buying something for our oldest daughter Malarie when I came across a shirt that simply said “Lost My Heart.” At that moment I realized those were the perfect words and I didn’t have to say a thing! People could simply read my shirt and know exactly how I was feeling. I thought how perfect, I need more clothes like this to show my grief and honor my late husband so that people didn’t have to ask. 

I looked online, in malls, in stores at flea markets etc. and came up disappointed every time. I spoke with our girls and our family and decided we would make our own. After all we weren’t the only people in the world grieving the loss of a loved one. How great it would be to reach someone in their darkest hours and let them tell the world how they feel without them having to say a thing!  

The girls and I have designed several pieces and hope that the birth of   Grief Wear™ can help someone else as it continues helping us on our grief journey. Please let us know if there is something you would like to see. Grief Wear™ is not just our way of honoring a great husband, father, son, brother, uncle and friend but it’s also a way for you to honor your loved ones as well! So please join the movement and “Wear your heart on your sleeve.”™

Becky Mustacchio & Family                 11.23.14